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Tips for blogging

Tips for blogging

Blogs have an About page.
Your ‘About page” is like meeting someone for the first time in a new class. Tell them a bit about who you are and your interests. Also share the reasons for the blog (Why have you been given individual blogs rather than staying with the class one?).

Remember you need to be Internet savvy — follow all your teacher’s guidelines!

* Only ever use your first name
* Never use any other student’s last name
* Never post personal information such as your home phone number, home address, e-mail address
* Remember online is forever – Don’t write anything you wouldn’t say to your grandmother
* Don’t write anything that could hurt anyone else
* Don’t post photos or videos of yourself unless your teacher and parents have given you permission

Examples of student blogs:

1. Lauren’s About page
2. Abbey’s About page
3. Gabriel’s About page
4. Alec’s About page

For your About page on your writing blog:
Think about who is your intended audience for your ‘About page’? Your students, parents/family, or to help connect with other classes?
Below are examples of the type of information you might include for each audience — remember you can add more pages if needed (e.g. a Welcome parents page, blogging rules). [We’ll learn how to do this.]
For other students and/or parents:

* What is a blog
* The goals of the blog
* How to interact with the blog e.g. subscribe to blog, comment on posts, guidelines for writing appropriate comments

For an example of a class blog, check out


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