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  1. A Cold and Windy Night

    November 14, 2014 by joode

    Thunder rumbled in the distance. Whoosh! A gust of wind passed me by. I was all alone, trembling in my holiday cabin in the forest of Canada. Suddenly the door flew open. The wind swept me off my feet.

    Lightning flashed around me. The sky was lit up with blinding sheets of light showing rows of blood red eyes. Wolves! I panicked. Scrambling to my feet I slammed the door behind me. I shoved the tables and chairs in front of the door. In the kitchen I found the gas lighter. Racing to the fireplace, already prepared, I attempted to light a fire. Splutter! Splutter! No flame came from the lighter. The howling was becoming louder and nearer. What was I going to do?

    I screamed, “Mum and Dad I wish you were here!”  Some wolves clambered onto the roof and the others began to claw at the door.  One smashed through the window glass. Standing near the fireplace frightened, horrified and screaming I knew that I was about to die.

    I remember hearing a news story where there was a plane crash where a pilot saved others by landing on a road. He knew that he was going to die. I picked up a log of wood to kill the wolf coming through the window so that these wolves couldn’t destroy anyone else.

    My first blow slayed this wolf. I could see the gory remains at my feet. Another one pounced on my shoulders. I bashed the wolf’s nearest paw with the log. He dropped to the floor. Behind me I heard scrapings.  A wolf was sliding down the chimney.

    I looked at the mantelpiece as the picture of my mum and dad went black in my mind. (Flynn’s sentence)

    I turned back to stare into the face of death. (Jared’s sentence)


    Dear Parents and the World,

    We would like you to choose which sentence you prefer for the ending to this story and tell us your reasons in your comments. None of us could decide so we are leaving it up to you.

    Everyone participated in the writing of this story. Ask your child which section, sentence, word or idea they offered.

    Thank you

    3/ 4B


  2. Nonsensical

    October 30, 2014 by joode

    Tonight is the night we all shine.

    With handfuls of pride we hold.

    Songs about the tea party sign,

    Fierce creatures terrifyingly bold.


    A battle that ends in a flame.

    Alice all sweet and snugly.

    Jabberwocky falls down in shame.

    Hearts that are cold and ugly.

    By students of 3/ 4B

  3. Wonderland Emotions

    October 29, 2014 by joode

    I walk inside with a hint in my eye.

    Nervously the audience awaits.

    My heart is pounding with excitement and fear.

    Into position I stagger gingerly.

    Any second the curtain will rise.

    My knuckles whiten as blinding lights hit my face.

    I take my final breath

    And stepping forward

    I slowly, carefully recite my lines.

    By 3/ 4 B

  4. 3/4 B’s class article

    October 27, 2014 by joode

    Our class, 3/ 4B, is very collaborative. In our ordinary, daily work we talk and record really well together, helping and teaching each other, and complimenting great effort and work. For example, in the play ‘The Hobbyahs’ we all participated in the choral reading at Assembly with some of us performing little acts and delivering the spoken parts. Another way we work together is in Mathematics where we teach our partner or small group new ideas and concepts. Recently we taught each other how to read and record analogue time to the nearest minute. Jude was really proud of us because she would have found it very difficult to teach so many of us one on one. Jude was also very impressed by the way we brought costumes for each other for our school performance ‘Almost Alice’. She said that she had never had a class do this so caringly and collaboratively. She didn’t have to sew or find anything except find the poem, ‘The Cheshire Cat’s Lullaby’ which she already knew and loved! Tomorrow will be a long day but fun. We are all so excited and have practised and practised our lines. Everyone at rehearsal last week was so impressed with the way we used our voices since we are the only class that does not need any background music.

    As a class we are very happy together. No-one is left isolated in the room or when we play outside. We are all unique. Most of us have known each other since Prep with some of us knowing each other since we were born. Whenever we have had new students join us we always give them a warm welcome and ensure they have fun in and out of class.

    We show interest in each other’s work. For example, when we presented both the ‘Simple Machines’ and ‘Biome Dioramas’ we listened attentively to each group speaking and asked extremely intelligent questions following each presentation that sometimes went for ten minutes and longer.

    Our next excursion is coming up and we are looking forward to using public transport for the first time as a class. Our parents are terrific with seven of them volunteering to accompany us on the day to Lake Reserve in Coburg and then back again.

    Curumbene Camp is rapidly approaching in November. We are so excited and can’t wait to explore all the different adventures we will have. Jude is going to be the first on the abseiling course (so she says!) and we are all going to have such fun trying out new activities that we have not had the opportunity to do before.

    This year has been so much fun with all of us getting along together. It will be exciting to be in different classes in 2015 but this year has been fantastic.


  5. Who Am I?

    May 19, 2012 by joode

    I was born … a while ago, in Ballarat.  I weighed in at 1kg and have progressed steadily since.  I love to eat and become mighty hungry if I haven’t eaten during the day. I had many interesting holidays with my family as a little girl setting me up for my love of travel and photography. My favourite places would have to be Alaska, Afghanistan, Russia and Mexico. Most walked city is London, most favoured night time place is Bryce Canyon in Utah, most frozen days were spent in Novosibirsk in Russia, most wonderful experience – driving a BIG campervan along the passes in the Yukon and most exciting, exhilirating city is New York. Where I choose to live now is still the beautiful Land of Oz.

    My favourite people are of course my three children – now adults. They never cease to amaze me! I really enjoy walking, dining out, going to the theatre and movies with them and friends too.  My favourite movies are Westerns and Period films. I read all the time. I can still recall the day when I was three, racing into Mum and Dad’s room, bouncing on their bed and exclaiming that I could read!  Much to their astonishment I read the first chapter fluently of Noddy by the Seaside. Mum laughed. It was to her testament that I could read. There was not an evening when she did not read to me especially about Noddy (especially the one where Big Ears and Noddy are left in the dark forest). I also grew up with my head in comics especially the Classic Comics. My favourite children’s books are John Brown Rose and the Midnight Cat, The Tin Tin Series, The Asterix Series,The Hobbit, Boy Overboard, The Indian in the Cupboard, The Fantastic Mister Fox, Tom’s Midnight Garden, The White Mountains, Playing Beattie Bow, Now, Once, Then and After Series, Hitler’s Daughter and The Dog Who Loved a Queen. My favourite adult fiction book is Pride and Prejudice and my non-fiction one is A Very Short History of the World.

    Since a little girl I have barracked hard for Richmond. I grew up almost in the Richmond rooms. My gorgeous Dad would drive us down from Ballarat each Saturday morning.  My favourite place in Melbourne would have to be the MCG even with all the changes. It is here that my memories of Dad, Mum and family are so strong. When I sit up in the last row of the Great Southern Stand for night matches I feel like I’m in Gotham City looking out to the lights of the Melbourne. See, my of love comics!   My favourite comic character would have to be, The Phantom.

    I have taught in many schools teaching so many interesting children. My schools have been in the western suburbs of Melbourne, in the country and in England. I really enjoy teaching especially witnessing children suddenly understand an aspect they struggled to explain beforehand. I integrate the subjuects as much as possible especially maths. I adore maths and how it is connectd to everything. Dad taught me to count to 100 when I was very little. I seem to have always been able to count. Good on dad for having me wrap up bundles of young vegetables in different numbered bundles to sell (from our huge garden) at the market garden outside church every Sunday morning.

    The students in years 3 and 4  have settled beautifully into our classroom atmosphere – working and learning together. Their company is delightful. Their eagerness to learn, assist each other, comment on and give feedback is outstanding. What a lovely bunch! They have become very clever at picking up any error I have written or word I have omitted on the white board. Clever monkeys!



  6. Hello world!

    May 26, 2011 by joode

    Welcome Year 3 and Year 4 students to our classroom blog. On this site you will find classroom news, shared writing, educational games and ways to write comments on other students’ work. You will also find links to other classroom blogs and a link to your personal blog.

    To access your blog you click on your name. If you don’t wish to leave this site right click and open your site in a new tab.

    To log into your blog your user name is your first name and 2012 or 2013 combined (depending on the year you created your blog). To get your password go to your student email. You will have received an email giving you these details. Please do not delete this email in case you forget your password at any time. If you change your password (most of you will) please write it in a safe place and give me a copy of it too.

    I look forward to seeing the wonderful work that you will post in on your blog to share with other students, your family and the wider global community.

    Welcome to Jude’s classroom blog.

    While I’ll occasionally use this site to share news about my classroom it’s main purpose is to provide the links to my student’s individual blogs.

    To view them just click on the links in the sidebar.

    Don’t forget to leave a comment for the students if you find their postings interesting.

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