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Class Masters

October 24, 2016 by joode   


Date Debate Affirmative Team Debate Negative Team Judges Host Time keeper

Are Video Games good for You?

Ben, Jack and Judah  

Griffin, Abaan and Ziggy

Lara, Charlotte, Anna Sarah Asantha

Are School Uniforms a good or Bad Idea?

Meliss, Asantha and Dhilan


Juliet, Anna and Anatolia Griffin, Josh, Finn Ben Jacinta

Which is better – Television or books?


Books- Lara, Finn and Jacinta


Television – Zara, Ella and Josh  Ziggy, Jack, Abaan Judah Rowan

Fish and Chips versus Hamburgers

Fish and Chips – Alicia, Rowan and Sarah


Hamburgers – Trent, Thomas and Charlotte Dhilan, Anatolia, Meliss Zara Juliet

Are social networking sites harmful?

Ben, Jack and Judah Trent, Thomas and Charlotte Alicia, Asantha, Ella, Ziggy Josh

Is it alright to purchase any items you want with your pocket money or own money?


Meliss, Asantha and Dhilan Alicia, Rowan and Sarah Ben, Trent, Jacinta Thomas Anna

Should there be any zoos in the world?


Lara, Finn and Jacinta Juliet, Anna and Anatolia Zara, Abaan, Rowan


Alicia Jack

Do you consider privacy to be a privilege or a right?


Privilege-Griffin, Abaan and Ziggy


Right – Zara, Ella and Josh


Alicia, Sarah, Juliet

Charlotte Judah



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