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Letter to 5/6A

February 1, 2015 by joode   

Dear students of 5/6A,

Welcome to our upstairs room. This is the very first time in my teaching career that I have been allocated an A after the year title hence I’m quite pleased with 5/6A. Boy oh boy, do we have views of our surrounds. I give you permission to look out over the school grounds and beyond every now and then. It is also good for your eyesight to develop your long range vision. We are lucky!

I hope your holidays were full of interesting things and that you all had a good rest from school. I’m Jude but my name is really Judith, Margaret, Mary, Ryan. Long ago I decided that I would like to be called Jude. My little brother struggled to pronounce Judith and for many years I was Jube, Jube. As I grew older people began to call me Judy. I hated it! I began to like the name Jude. I thought it suited my personality more. When living in London I also was named Judy with the emphasis on the ‘e’ sound at the end. I hated this even more! So I decided to put my foot down and have everyone acknowledge that I was a ‘Jude’. So now all of you are now officially called ‘Jude’s Dudes’.

I’m so looking forward to teaching you and being with you every day just enjoying your company. We also will be working closely with the other 5/6 students with Ant and Lee so it will be a very collaborative and tight knit group. It will be exciting and fun!

I knew I was tired at the end of the year but didn’t dream of sleeping nine or so hours each night. I would wake about nine or ten o’clock most mornings, have breakfast in bed and read before I began my day.

Christmas was fantastic with my family and close friends including my grown up children Katherine and Damien. Timothy, my youngest son and his partner, were away traveling in Mexico and other countries in Central America. We ate turkey, pork and roast vegetables followed by plum pudding, cheese cake and pavlova for dessert. I made the pavlova as it is the dessert I always make for special occasions. Katherine and Damien did most of the cooking including Katherine’s famous plum pudding following my Nanna’s recipe. The rest of us helped to set up the tables, cut vegetables and organise the nibblies before the main meal. The centrepiece of my table was Angus Musgrave’s present to me – a gingerbread sleigh pulled by a team of reindeers complete with decorations of chocolates and liquorice allsorts. When Tim rang to chat to us we all laughed because there was so much left over this year. Just goes to show how much he consumes when he is with us!

We took ages to give out all the presents under our very tall Christmas tree. Taco, my elderly cat, sat in the middle of all the gifts as they were being distributed. He was a bit put out when the presents he was sitting on were shuffled from under him. I love celebrating Christmas! How was your Christmas Day? Did you hop in and help too? I hope you received the presents you liked. Tell me about your favourite one and why you loved it.

On most days I walked about six kilometres, following the path in different directions along the Maribyrnong River. I also caught up with many friends that I hadn’t seen for a few months – walking and going out to many dinners and breakfasts with them. You have probably worked out that I love food by now! Boy, do I love it all!

I also read a few books including the adult fiction book, The Narrow Road to the Deep North. I went to the cinema a few times. One of my favourites was Big Hero 6. I thought it was beautifully drawn and the script so funny. In the theatre for this film there was a little kid in the audience that had the most gorgeous, infectious giggle. The audience laughed and laughed with him/her. Isn’t it delightful to sit in a cinema and be carried along by a little one’s laughter?

In my large, native garden full of different trees, shrubs and flowers I spent many, many wonderful hours. I have successfully grown much of my plants from seed that I have collected and cuttings I have taken over the years. My Dad was a great gardener so I am so grateful that I inherited his talents and love of the environment. I also wrote many long letters with photos and such to friends overseas. Mum was a terrific letter writer. She wrote as if she were talking to you. Mum and Dad died many years ago. I think of them daily and cherish the wonderful times we shared. I tell stories in class including family yarns and would love you to feel so comfortable in our classroom that you would share some of your experiences and dreams too.

Towards the end of the holidays I spent time at Indented Heads near Portarlington loving the beaches and just watching the variety of ships and boats sail past. Again as I walked I collected plant cuttings that I could grow back home or pestered people as to the name of plants that I was unsure of. I also stayed at Moriac, a little town between Geelong and Anglesea. Being a country girl, Ballarat born and bred,  I love being on a farm. If you were to watch me you would find me sniffing the air or plants continuously. In spring you will find me with my head in the little tree near the front gate of Wilson St. This gives the most powerful scent and is always the one to herald in this new season.

The Australian Open was wonderful to watch on the telly. Usually I attend a few days but not this year. That is another thing I love to do – play tennis. I don’t care if I win or lose I just adore playing and the afternoon teas of course! What do you love most when not at school or on holidays?

I even went to The Melbourne Zoo with a great group of mums that we have known since our kids were in kindergarten together. How’s that for perseverance? Some of our kids, now adults, came with us to celebrate the memory of the days we all spent together over the years.

So the holidays for me were full of different events and spending fun times with family and friends. Tell me about your fun times, the people you were with and the places you visited. I can’t wait to read your news and know you better.


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  1. Angus Musgrave says:

    Dear Jude,

    I like that you put something I made for you on your Christmas table so all of your family could see it.

    I hope the other grade fours see this blog.

    I am very happy that you loved my present to you.


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